The Haunted Shack – Fairy Photo (Part 2)

Millie's Fairy

I laugh it off now but back then the tension was so high that the smallest sound would have made run scared down the beach. That was not like me at all, it was a very unusual sensation as I am used to these energies that regularly cross over and manifest in and around my property.

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The Haunted Shack – Fairy Photo (Part 1)

Orb by the Shack

I received for my birthday in 2007 a digital camera, and from that day on I just started taking pictures of everything and anything that caught my attention. But it wasn’t until my husband’s birthday in November 2008 that the first anomalies started to appear in the photos, people and things that should not had been there in the first place. That’s when I started really investigating my house and reading on the subject.

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Dance Hall Ghost

Dance Hall Ghost Child

My wife and I love to go dancing – we love cumbia, salsa, etc. But since moving to Las Vegas there are few places that cater to the Latino community, so when this establishment opened we became regular customers, trying to go every Saturday. Then one weekend we got there to find it closed, and it remained closed, without an explanation, for a while.

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How to Create a Ghost

The Philip Experiment

In 1972 a group of Canadian parapsychologists set out to prove whether ghosts were real or just manifested projections from our expectations and imaginations. Led by a world eminence in poltergeist studies, they decided to create a ghost under specific conditions so that they could study the process scientifically. First they came up with a name for their “ghost”, Philip Aylesford, and gave him a tragic past.

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The Haunted Shack – Photo of Entity?

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 9.21.12 AM

As you know, my sister, ever since what happened with her dog Tyler, she gets her camera and starts taking pictures anytime he starts barking like crazy at nothing, just in case. Sometimes she does sense there is something in her backyard. Well, a few days ago when we had the full moon, she had gone to her backyard to enjoy the beauty of it and to absorb some of its energy.

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Reconnecting with Universal Energy

(picture from

Having come in and out of highly infested EMF areas during our Entrecruzados investigations we quickly learned that there are different types of energies but that, generally speaking, fell into two categories: those that made us feel grounded and positive, and those that affected the equipment and the team members negatively

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The Haunted Shack – Orbs at the Theatre

The whole stage became filled with orbs as the performers enacted a scene about the killing of a slave.

Last Saturday night I went to see a performance called “Our Roots” “Nuestras Raíces” at the Mayagüez Cultural Center (Centro Cultural), in which our ancestry and culture was explored through music, song and drama. Children and adults performed a fantastic show – I swear I was so engrossed that between sitting down to watch it and the lights coming up at the end time simply flew by.

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The Fairy Children

I couldn't reach the truck on time, but I did come across these strange creatures, the chaneques. (from

It was just before dawn. was staying at my in-laws house in Acapulco when suddenly my brother in-law crashes to the floor and starts convulsing -we didn’t know it at the time but he was an epileptic , and this was his first episode. Panicking we loaded him into the back of a pick up truck se he could be taken to the hospital.

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Fairies Are All Around Us


During our research for Entrecruzados we came across with a phenomenon I was not aware it was so prevalent in Puerto Rico: the sighting of fairies and goblins. City people laugh at the notion of such things, to them they are the product of overactive imaginations, superstitious ignorance, or a little too much moonshine.

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Who is Going to Hell?

Dante's Inferno

Anyone who’s watched a documentary, or sets out to make one like Entrecruzados, can tell you that the purpose of this format is to bring to attention a subject matter important to the documentarist(s) and to society at large -or at least, it should be important to society at large the way the documentarist sees it.

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