The Veil Between Worlds May Be Vanishing

"Trickery and fear tactics may continue way past Halloween 2013."

Awakened State



The veil that separates our reality from the afterlife becomes paper thin on Halloween, but this year it may have been extra thin. According to those who believe the entire planet and our consciousness ascended to a new dimension this past December 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar) the division between “us” and “them” began to weaken on that date, and therefore it should not be surprising the rise in paranormal events happening to everyday people. According to these experts, it is a positive change, one that puts us back in touch with the higher realms of existence (ie, where Angels dwell) and gives us a much needed “reset” to our materialistic mindset.

This October 31 may have been the point of no return.



Having said that, this past Halloween may have been the thinnest division in eons, and some believe the thickness of the energy wall that keeps us apart from the denser and more negative energies may never fully be implemented again, and the influence the entities of that world have on us and our affairs will not diminish after October 31st: it may actually increase, creating more portals than ever.

All these negative entities need is a way to amplify their own energy in order to stay here.

Discarnate souls and non-human entities alike that use Halloween as a way into our dimension need sustainable energy to continue to stay here, and our modern chaos and stress gives them plenty of battery power: anger, discord, pain, grief feed their staying power. If such a change has taken place we can probably expect many more susceptible individuals acting on their negative emotions as the presence of these energy parasites will likely latch on to those who are at their lowest spiritually and emotionally.

Establishing a protection shield around each of us may become a full time job.

Grounding at Eureka

Before the scout in Eureka, our investigators do some grounding techniques to protect themselves.

With such a continuous influence it might be wise to not let our guard down, and put up an energy shield to prevent such a spirit attachment. A good friend recommended the use of black tourmaline, a quartz that repels all negativity to be used on one’s person and around the house. Moldavite tektite
, the green mineral from meteorite origin, is also advised for those who are sensitive, so that they may be able to discern among the chatter and clutter of energies. Citrine is also recommended as a negativity repeller. Entrecruzados always recommends using protection intentions whenever entering haunted places, so it would be a good idea to implement these into a daily routine. Smudging with white sage (as Native Americans do) can and will break any attachments in a person or structure. Smudging is regularly used in exorcisms, as white sage disrupts negative energy attachments.

Perceiving the other dimensions as real will become commonplace.

Some experts believe that this new development will at first startle and scare us but that eventually it will be accepted as the new normal. Having the dead walk amongst us is not new; being able to see them all the time will be. And in this way balance may be restored, even if it’s not immediately appreciated, just like a hurricane or a volcano reset the inner workings of the planet through destruction: out of chaos comes order.
@Ana Clavell/Entrecruzados LLC

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